Downstream Gas Investment – From Assets to markets


With increasing global emphasis on cleaner and more sustainable fuels, governments and companies around the world are investing heavily in gas processing infrastructure and promoting emerging fuel alternatives.
For Africa in particular, constraints arising from the inadequate supply, poor fiscal framework, infrastructure deficit, and lack of incentives have hindered the optimisation of the continent’s immense gas reserves and opportunities for accelerated industrialization. 
However, with a rich potential for gas-based industries to thrive, while developing alternative demand patterns for gas application, this session will focus on operators’ strategies to unbundle the continent’s under-explored gas treasure trove with the aim of attracting investment through its multiple market entry and expansion options.

This session will hold on Thursday, October 29, 2020, at 10 am (WAT) and is open to an unlimited global audience.

Click here to join the conference session directly. 


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